3/6/15 - 3/7/15
bay area, california

----------------------------------------------- day one -----------------------------------------------

1-2-3-4 go! records
420 40th st #5
oakland, ca
all ages

peterandcraig are back in the bay. you know the drill. the legendary guitar and drum duo return with their triumphant didactic tonal lessons on life, prosperity, and food. don't break the law. oh y'all cause you might think you won this game till a moose karate chops that helicopter in half and you're stuck fighting aliens in a never ending blizzard.

blaster dead (CHICO)
a Chico duo that plays hearfelt punk rock with their guitar and drums. super fun pop punk indie rock that makes you wanna shake your butt and sing a long while pounding your fist on your chest.

mathrock progressive techy guitar drum insanity. balls out toned out weirdo noodle rock.

the gloriosas (LAGUNA HILLS)
jazzy sometimes noodly sometimes laid back always feel good rockin indie tunes with lots of clicks n whistles to keep you smiling for at least a half a day or so.

----------------------------------------------- day two -----------------------------------------------

924 gilman
berkeley, ca
all ages

the body (PORTLAND)
dick crushing sludge punk rock from portland. come on, you know who the fucking body is by now.

tweak bird (LOS ANGELES)
fuzzy and heavy psychedelic grungey poppy rock from LA. exclusive bay area date.

godstomper (OAKLAND)
to quote their own description: "WEST COAST NOISE VIOLENCE DIY FUCK CORPORATE HARDCORE"- yeah they are a great band.

100 onces (LOS ANGELES)
math rock played by guitars and drums. super intense and punky indie rocky beautifulness.

jenna and scott. best friends. pizza queer grind. the fucking bestest band ever ever ever. wall of amps. loud fast and hard. thank fucking god they are a two piece.. BAY AREA DEBUT

ragana (OAKLAND)
experimental and atmospheric black metal played with full on emotion and suspense.

hollow ran (COSTA MESA)
taylor and trevor. two dudes showing you that there are interesting things you can do with just a guitar and drums. this band is the opposite of boring. intricate and super intelligent experimental instrumental artsy indie.

death defying brutal grind from the bay. featuring local heroes dave gonzalez & adem grumble!

shitbrains (LOS ANGELES)
super heavy grind fucks playing in your face brutality from down below in los angeles. yuckingly awesome. oi

fiend (FRESNO)
disgusting and brutal grind from sunny fresno. crusty and sludgey and just plain out gross metal.

powerviolence grindcore mayhem that will knock your teeth out because you will be smiling so hard during their amazing live set.

happy pill trauma (LOS ANGELES)
grindy punk rock mayhem from the city of los angeles. fast and punk as shit.

lament cityscape (OAKLAND)
brutal sludgey metal rock that will kick your face into the wall. opening up gilman for this fest. gonna be a killer time watching these two slay everyones heads off at the start of the day

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